transformation #2 - landscape / 2007

Experimental Video „transformation#2_landscape“ by Erika Matsunami
  video (quicktime, 15,5mb)  

Synthesizer improvisation for „Landscape“- the second part of "Transformation" #2: Antonis Anissegos
Soundcollage with noises, voice (Erika Matsunami) and accord of sounds (sine wave): Erika Matsunami
Audio Engineer: Niklas Schmincke
DV / color / stereo / 10 min / 2007

„rien nul n’aura été pour rien tant été rien nul...“ – Mirlitonnades by Samuel Beckett

A minimalist piece of video and sound work based on an interpretation of Samuel Beckett’s poem “Mirlitonnades”. Through images and sound, the poem’s interpretation will be transformed as a separate personal vocabulary in a video, and thus translated into a piece audiovisual poetry. A nocturnal moon. Transforming every second - those were mysterious moments. With its full moon, the night breaks with an existential secret. At the same time, it reflects the solitude and isolation of the lyrical ego. The moon shifts and changes while the landscape denotes a metaphor, much like a timeless moment in life. The sound represents a fragment that is transferred from the inner and outer world of the lyrical ego on a night drenched by this full moon.

This work was developed within the scope of an artist’s residency scholarship in November 2006 at Künstlerhaus Lukas (Luke’s artists’ centre) in Ahrenshoop.

Final presentation at the Künstlerhaus Lukas (Luke’s artists’ centre) in Ahrenshoop, Novermber 2006

Experimental Film and Video Festival EXIS2007, Seoul