transformation #1 / 2006

Video- and Soundcollage for the Installation „transformation_#1“ by Erika Matsunami

wesen: wird
gewesen sein
so inständig
nein kein"

„Mirlitonnades“ by Samuel Beckett

A nocturnal moon. Transforming every second - those were mysterious moments.
A minimalist piece of video and sound work based on an interpretation of S. Beckett’s poem “Mirlitonnades”.

Audio Engineer: Niklas Schmincke
DV / color / stereo / 10 min / loop / 2006

This work was developed for a draft of a Dance-Theater Performance within the scope of an artist’s residency scholarship in November 2006 at the Künstlerhaus Lukas (Luke’s artists’ centre) in Ahrenshoop.
The video “transformation” was inspired by the air, sunlight, moon, clouds, the rushing of wind and water, chirping of birds and all of the other natural surroundings of Ahrenshoop, a location so rich in imagery.


Final presentation at the Künstlerhaus Lukas (Luke’s artists’ centre) in Ahrenshoop, Novermber 2006