three room(s) / 2011–2013

Performance Project

Image: Video I'm "NO" (2013) for Performance in the Installation
(Videos and Installation (draft etc.) were stolen on April 1, 2014 in my sturio in Berlin. )



sketches in 2011


sketch 1: "silently_compositon" Silence speaks here inaudibly, without saying a word. Composition means creation and synthesis. The choreographed movement is performed between two rooms and is based on the score of a composition. The linking of the rooms and the body takes place through inaudible music. During the performance this is transferred with a static video camera into another space and is projected to give a different perspective on the rooms and the physical experience possible in them, transforming them into a visionary space. The performance recorded with the hand-held camera will also be reconstructed and shown.


sketch 2: sound performance will be integrated in a spatial installation