still/silent / 2011-

Audiovisual performance in the spatial installation

Photo: 7 and 8 photographed by Uwe Bohrer

audiovisual performance in the spatial installation for 6 loudspeakers 5-ch sound (4-ch mono discrete and 1-ch stereo)



• 6-ch-mono-discrete sound for 2-ch video installation “still/silent” 2007 by Erika Matsunami and Niklas Schmincke (excerpt) • sound piece for the performance “empty city” (March 2008) by Erika Matsunami and Niklas Schmincke (4 min 34 sec)

• sounds by Erika Matsunami


performance OIO solo by Erika Matsunami




Catalogue "still/sient", contains a DVD with audio-visual works and videos of the performances (2007-2010), Revolver Publishing by VVV, 2011 (ISBN: 978-3-86895-194-3), the catalogue presentation (with a performance OIO solo in the spatial installation and a lecture of Prof. Dr Susanne Hauser) - Revolver Publishing by VVV, curated by Ralf Bartholomäus at the galerie weisser elefant in Berlin-Mitte November 14th, 2011

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