still/silent / 2007-2009

Audiovisual Installation/Performance
  Photo : Uwe Bohrer

„still/silent“ (2007 - 2009)

With its video and sound, this audiovisual performance and spatial installation focuses on different tempi, rhythms and cityscapes. In a performance, the stylistic and fixed form of expression from the installation is given a new dimension and perspective in this work.

Through forms, movements, colours and various means of abstraction like imagery and sound, still/silent is transformed into a cognitive experiment in terms of space and time. The visual, melodious and musical output forms new and unexpected snapshot compositions that associatively trigger ever-new arrangements. The result: as a piece of audiovisual poetry, “still/silent” creates a free associative field.

The entire piece of work, including its sound performance as part of the installation, does not deal primarily with the subject of peace. Instead, “still/silent” uses peace as its subtle leitmotif. On musical and visual levels, it is portrayed as a beneficial state of tranquillity and calmness, as the absence of noise and turmoil.

This work is a series.

-   "still/Ilent" 2009, audiovisual performance in the temporary spatial installation, as part of the proramme of the Festival “Experimental Video & Film EXIS 2009“ programme, curated by Gye-joong Kim at Seoul Art Cinema,Indie Space and Samillo Chango Theater and at the workshop at the Seokang University, Seoul, 10.–16. September 2009
-   "still/silent" 2009, audiovisual performance in the temporary site-specific installation „still/silent“ at the Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, curated by Natasha Bordiglia ,Venice, Italy, 29. – 30. August 2009
-   "still/silent" 2008, as part of the exhibition/performance “Luso-Phonia and Et Sona Poblenou?“ programme, curated by Catarina Simão and Pedro Soler at Espai Niu/Hangar Centre de producció i recerca d' arts visuals, Barcelona, November 2008
Sampler, alpha machine, live electronics and audiovisual Installation (2-channel video and 4-channel sound)
-   "still/silent" 2008, as part of the project "Peace-Utopia or Real Space?" Programme, curated by Tatjana Fell (arttransponder e.V.) at the Technische Universität Berlin and the Vivaldisaal (INM-Berlin e.V), with the friendly support of INM-Berlin e.V. Berlin, October 2008
Grand piano, cembalo, live electronics and audiovisual installation (2-channel video/sound)
-   Audiovisual Performance OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami) - 400m underwater, "arts and conversation", a project curated by Katerina Valdivia Bruch, "NEW LIFE BERLIN", at the Gallery wooloo, Berlin
-   Audiovisual Performance OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami)"still/silent - ein verborgenes Museum", Exhibition "four artists from four countries" GEDOK-Berlin, at the Verborgene Museum, Berlin, Vernissage 7 May, Exhibition 8 May –8 June 2008
-   "still/silent" 2008, as part of the parallel programme of the exhibition "RE-IMAGINING ASIA", curated by Wu Hung and Shaheen Merali at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures), Berlin, April 2008
Grand piano, live electronics and audiovisual installation
-   "still/silent" 2007, as part of the project "Kunst und Unterhaltung (Arts and Conversation)" programme, curated by Katerina Valdivia Bruch at GlogauAIR, Berlin, 2007
Live electronics, toy piano and audiovisual Installation (2-channel video and surround sound)

Performance duration is about 50 minutes.
Four parts of the audiovisual installation/performance:

Part 1: empty city
Part 2: day of the city
Part 3: still/silent
Part 4: A.I.

4 parts 2 ch Video and 2 ch stereo Sound "still/silent" by OIO - DV/color/stereo/2007-2008/11 min
concept and video: Erika Matsunami
sound composition: Antonis Anissegos

audiovisual piece (2008) for Performance/Installation "still/silent":

concept/video: Erika Matsunami
sound conposition „TOKI“: Erika Matsunami and Niklas Schmincke
motion graphics ("lines" in the sky): Wolfgang Reimers
* first performance of this audiovisual Performance by OIO (with Atnonis Anissegos) at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures), Berlin, 5. April 2008 , as part of the parallel programme of the exhibition "RE-IMAGINING ASIA"

(The duration of this performance was added together about 120 minutes)