still/silent / 2007

Audiovisual Installation/Performance by OIO
  Video recording: Anke Fischer Video

Video 1, Video 2

"still/silent" 2007

2-Channel Videoinstallation, Live Electronics and Toy piano

In the Programme of „Arts and Conversation“, curated by Katerina Valdivia Bruch at the GlogauAIR, Berlin, October 2007

Two-channel video and surround sound installation(6-channel-mono-discrete Sound Installation)
DV / colour / surround sound / 10-min./ loop / 2007
Live presentation with two laptops and a toy piano
Audio Engineer: Nikolas Schmincke (surround sound mixing)

8th 2:13 Festival, Athens and London, 2007
Exhibition : „four artist from four countries“ by GEDOK-Berlin, Verborgenes Museum, Berlin, 2008