Silence surround us, silence around us / 2021/2022 –

For a new assemblage


Artistic research:



Silence surrounds us, silence around us – X, Green x (2022–)



Silence surrounds us, silence around us – on creativity in communication



Silence surrounds us, silence around us


-----Collaboration with


urban Hub Foundation by Hans-Gerd Rudat (architect, m.a.l.v.) from Summer 2022 until eary April 2023



A " teamwork* between Erika Matsunami (visual artist, sound composer, artistic researcher) and Hans-Gerd Rudat (architect, m.a.l.v.) in 2020 after the first corona lockdown to work together for a part of the artistic research “Silence surrounds us, silence around us ", which artistic research I started to research in Berlin after the corona pandemic in 2020. Research topic: spatial constructions - relations as well as conjuctions between real spaces (reality spaces) and virtual spaces (spaces of possibility). We had drafted the project “Silence surrounds us, silence around us” - X (working title) in 2021.


In summer of 2021, pre-production was started with a Cellist Krischa Weber between Berlin and Hamburg, which is the first digital rehearsal after digitisation, therefore Erika Matsunami and Krischa Weber work together continuously.


*This collaboration is a form of teamwork. Collective in my art project is an artistic collaboration by the artists. Each artist has the author right as an artist, as well as a composer.