sans plus / 2010–2014

Audiovisual performance in the spatial installation
  Video shot : Barbara Lubisch, 19.6.2010 at the Ostrale, Dresden (quicktime, 29,6mb) -The last Music of this Performance is the piece by Marin Marais, 'Le Badinage' (1717) (choosing by Chris Dahlgren)

This audiovisual performance is an interaction of different media – it proceeds in both a visual and auditory manner, with acoustic, electroacoustic and electronic sound components. The style of play between visual and auditory elements forms a mixture of composition and improvisation following the aleatoric path spontaneous process, grounded in both intentional, as well as random choices and operations. Simultaneously co-existing are different audiovisual scores of various lengths and types, combined for this respective location and formed as aleatoric units. The outward form of this audiovisual performance ranges from avantgarde to classic simplicity to baroque complexity in juxtaposition to one another.

The starting point for the “sans plus (2010)” project was my exploration of formalism in the sense of art historical methodology, which I would ultimately like to apply to digital and analogue media. I’ll be setting up a temporary, audiovisual spatial installation in the room for this purpose with semitransparent, long strips of silk fabric and semitransparent paper.
For the performance in the site-specific installation, “uniqueness” is an important component of the work since every encounter is a unique incident which holds the possibility of capturing a new perspective. (Excerpt from my artist’s statement)

Chris Dahlgren: viola da gamba and live electronics
Erika Matsunami: live visuals, electroacoustic sound and spatial installation

2-channel video and 2-channel stereo sound
spatial installation: silk fabrics and half transparent paper
Duration of the performance: approx. 30–50 min.


Video Link:

sans plus 2010 - #01

"sans plus" o.T 2012-2013 original (excerpt)

I conceived this short experimental video that is a time based visual compostion – timeframe, stretch, space, cycle and lapse of time from two different directions. One is from future and the other is from past. Video/visual composition: Erika Matsunami © Erika Matsunami, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany


B.V (four seasons) -Sketch (excerpt)


in the works, (Remake in 2014, because of a burglary in the studio.)

©Erika Matsunami, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany


-   A part of the Exhibition programme "East Beast" „sans plus (2010)" - Audiovisual performance in the spatial Installation, Erika Matsunami and Chris Dahlgren, Ostrale - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst (Center for contemporary art), Dresden, 19. June 2010