re/cycle - "I'm also there" / 2011

Audiovisual spatial installation

The project re/cycle – “I am also there“ is an audiovisual spatial installation adressing the subject of the representation of space and time in cognitive processes.

The starting point of this project in the exhibition broadly comprises the themes of neighborship, home, migration and transformation of land- and cityscapes in the Berlin districts of Marzahn and Hellersdorf – transforming these themes by my individual perception and through the narratives of the protagonists. These perceptions are unified into an artistic picture of urban life using the diverse media such as audio, video and visual arrangement.

Three inhabitants of Marzahn and Hellersdorf as protagonists represented different generations. They recount their memories which thus created a script on the basis of which the concept for the audio-visual spatial installation for the project was developed. The recorded narratives were transformed into written form, into a soundscape and into a visual representation and thus constructed for the beholder as an arrangement of cognitive space in the framework of the audio-visual and mixed media installation. The narratives form three tracks of time regarding sound that partially run in parallel, but also diverge and overlap so that manifold possibilities of expression arise. Another time track that complements the narratives is formed by the cognitive time phenomena of a plant, that I am watching. By considering the different perspectives of I, their stories are represented in cognitive processes of space and time as an audiovisual spatial installation.


A chair – Objet trouvé (an object found) “In the objet trouvé the world of things is thus understood in a direct pictorial regression experience on the elementary sensory plane of experience.” (“The leap into the void” – Objet trouvé, surrealism, Zen by Christian Kellerer.)

audiovisual spatial installation: 3-ch-video and 3-ch-stereo sound, 3 x Mixed-Media-Objekt (Photograpy - clear film on Plexiglas, white wood frame), foil, chair, plant

The project and exhibition re/cycle - "I'm also there" are sponsored by the Berliner district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf (Dept. of Culture) and the cultural fund of the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf. With kindly support of the Stadtzentrum Marzahn–Mitte.

Part of the "150 Years of German-Japanese Friendship" 2011 programme. PDF


-   re/cycle - "I am also there" curated by Karin Scheel (director of Gelerie M)in the Galerie M in Berlin-Marzahn, 26.6. – 26.8.2011



Artist Talks und Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Susanne Hauser:

„Artist Talk/Vortrag – trans-Art“ mit Prof. Dr. Susanne Hauser/Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK) – in der Galerie M, Berlin-Marzahn, 6. Juli 2011



Performance in the installation „re/cycle – I am also there” – creative hearing, seeing and feeling – (audiovisual) performances „Untitled/democratically plants“ by Erika Matsunami and sound performance by Daisuke Ishida in the Galerie M in Berlin-Marzahn, 15. August 2011 (performace, curated by Erika Matsunami)


Daisuke Ishida: Computer sound performance with four loudspeakers. The loudspeakers were installed on the ground and first floors; the spatial acoustics and reverb that arise due to the open space and the marble floor were integrated into the piece for this performance.


Erika Matsunami: The sound “democratically plants” with 8 loudspeakers, 2 channel stereo and 4 channel discrete mono was complemented by the visual work re/cycle “I am also there“ and mixed with a live recording (view from the display window of the Galerie M.)