les coloris / 2012 - 2013

interaktive sound-, spatial installation
Les coloris - IDEA-Prefiguration (2005/2013), Photography: Film, Cross Processing  


Photographic Work "Les coloris" (2012 –)

Les coloris - IDEA-Prefiguration (2005/2013), DIS/APPEAR – Fotografische Materialitäten, GEDOK Galerie under the programme European Month of Photography, Berlin, Germany, 6. October – 28. November


The part of the Installation (draft etc.) were stolen on April 1, 2014 in my sturio in Berlin.


Draft_01 Installation "Les coloris" (2012) with the Sensor (3 Sensors, Sound-transmission by the computer regulation)


"Les coloris" (2010) for 6-channel (2012)

Video: Installation "Les coloris" (2010)




Work in progress:


This location specific installation with the artistic process as well as the later process of reception can be described as active lines of specific action with the architectural situation concerning both the elements of sound and installation. The process of artistic work in the existing locality as well as the architecture is not understood a mechanistic production process but is created by the perception in situ. Beyond this there is an individual approximation to the specific form of the locality, a change of perspective, a formation of associations as well as processes of action and communication. The treatment of the material that is space implies an active understanding of the phenomenon of a specific locality for both the artist and the recipient.


Using the materials of string, stones and plexiglas a space is designed. The design is based on cuneiform script, which was the alphabet of great cultures of the past. In addition, a 6- to 8-channel sound installation is integrated into the mixed-media-installation as the body of the instrument, which is controlled interactively by four electronic sensors. The sensors used for this installation were programmed in Pure Data.


Spatial installation with sensors (interactivity)

The spatial installation „interactive and participatory“ – situation and participation in the sense of openness for interpretation and perceptions of the recipient partly defines an esthetic situation.


I attempt to create a situation by a structure that defines the observation. An installation as works in progress concerning thought, action and communication optical and acoustic conceptions of a spatial construct that is developed with the phenomena at hand.

interaktive sound-, spatial installation

The 8 ch sound system in cooperation with Niklas Schmincke in 2014



transfer and parallel process -> open system

– the creative treatment of architectural situations (space and location) and their surrounds.






Parallel process

The concept of parallel process is the parallelism of two aspects. Using this methodical way of working with the transfer of sounds (from outside and those within the locality), a parallel process is created in order to compose a situation related spatial installation with the sounds in the space.




*Parallel process is a concept that Joseph Beuys used primarily in the years 1967 and 1968 to characterize different expositions and artistic expressions. Through the parallelizing of different events and expressions the ideas and concepts were to be adressed that only became actualized on the background of the offset of discursive and non-discursive elements.



*Another motive of „les coloris“ (2012) is from a a part of the multi-media installation „Les coloris“ (2010) that was formed from a poem by Shuzo Takiguchi, a Japanese poet and art critic who publicized surrealism and Dadaism in Japan before the second world war. „Shuzo Takiguchi (1903-1979), poet and art critic, began to publish his poems in 1926, introduced Surrealism to Japan at the end of the 1920s, and corresponded with Parisian Surrealists such as Andre Breton in the 1930s.” (from the text "Les coloris" (2010))