deflection / 2005

Experimental Video „deflection“ by Antonis Anissegos and Erika Matsunami

deflection consists of variations through optical and acoustic static movements. Footage of natural events exhibiting chaotic behaviour serves as the raw material. Through different temporal manipulations, these visual and acoustic movements become dynamic systems. The original phenomena lose their cognitive value, cause illusions, and arouse associations with elements that have similar patterns of movement. Image and sound are united and link various contents that infinitely superimpose and supplement one another while freely evolving. Everything is interconnected, interrelated, interdependent; every part of the entity is an entity in itself.


concept: Antonis Anissegos, Erika Matsunami

camera/photography: Antonis Anissegos, Erika Matsunami

editing: Antonis Anissegos, Erika Matsunami

electroacoustic music and sound: Antonis Anissegos, Erika Matsunami, Niklas Schmincke
Audio Engineer: Niklas Schmincke
DV / color / stereo / 11 min / 2005

deflection – Festival, Exhibition

· Transmediale, Berlin 2007
· Video Art Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece
· 20th Instans Video Festival, Marseille, France
· Video Art Festival Miden, Athens, Greece

· Media Art Friesland Festival 2006, The Netherlands
· Exhibition: option 3, Gallery Spor Kluebue, Berlin
· International Digital Art Festival Intro-Out, Salonika
· Experimental Film and Video Festival EXIS2006, Seoul

· Performing arts project at the Kyoto Art Centre for the “2005 EU-Japan
  Year of People-to-People Exchanges” programme,  Kyoto, Japan.
· New Music Festival Exiles, Berlin
· 6th 2:13 Festival, Athens


©Erika Matsunami&antonis Anissegos, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Deutschland