B.O.D.Y. - そして、それから work in progress / 2015/2017 –

Mixed Media, Sound-, Spatial- Installation

Image 1–5:

Installation B.O.D.Y. - そして、それから_work in progress (2015/2017)

„x is an artwork only if it is about something.“ (The neo-representational theory of art, Philosophy of Art, Noël Carroll, 1999) I attempted to express “pain” (visualizing) in this spatial installation, which is constructed in a rhizomatic form with threads. My temptation in the project „B.O.D.Y. - そして, それから“ – work in progress (2015/2017) work in progress (2015/2017), which lays out the philosophical implications and thus with it the external catalyst, brings the transition from the accentual feeling/sensation into the space. I work in the concept that is "body without physicality in a space", such as the intention of feelings (something), for example the semantic account of longing and memories in the sound and the intenseness of the color and form on a visual level. I attempt to approach the subject “body" ontologically, which refers to the epistemological questions into various strata such as visual and auditory expressions, and to represent as another existing form of the subject.


Technique: spatial installation; mixed media (wood, threads, Plexiglas)

Sound: two lines (2017), for multi-channel sound Dimensions: w. 9 x h. 3.5 x d. 11 m (variable)


Image 6–9:

Installation B.O.D.Y. - そ し て, そ れ か ら _work in progress (2018) _x_Pain of love

My approach in the project "B.O.D.Y. - そ し て, そ れ か ら" work in progress (2015/2017), which contains philosophical implications and represents the outer catalyst with the installation, creates the transition from the accentuated feeling to the space constructed in rhizomatic form with threads, I have tried to express (to visualize) "pain" in love as "x". In doing so, I deal with the subject of tension and dissolution in the forms and their construction. Organic sea salt and dyestuffs (textile pigment and organic hibiscus) that are in a petri dish, which are related to the theme of tension and dissolution, suggesting physical "phenomena" as opposed to literary ones.


In my essay "B.O.D.Y. - そ し て, そ れ か ら work in progress (2017-2018) in the Artistic Research I examine" x "on visual levels, eg the denotation of the image-thing in sensual immediacy the predicate" red "and in metaphorical connotation the predicate "Pain" in the artwork (object), in relation to Bence Nanay's account, and the representational theories The neo-representational theory of art, Philosophy of Art, Noel Carroll. The installation "B.O.D.Y. work in progress (2018) _ x pain of love is further work of "B.O.D.Y. - そ し て, そ れ か ら", work in progress (2015/2017) on love - "something happened in mind", which will be comprised in the rhizomatic process for the B.O.D.Y. - そして、それから Work in Progress (2019).



Threads, wire mesh, clear plastic tube, organic sea salt and dyestuffs (textile pigment and organic hibiscus)

dimensions: variable



Link: draft and drawing (2016–2018)


Exploring theoretically (Artistic research: From threefoldness to multi-foldness)



Installation B.O.D.Y. - そして、それから_work in progress (2018)_x_pain of love, the event "Das Elend der Liebe" im Studio 1, Kunstquartier-Bethanien, Kreuzberg-Berlin, 20. November 2018



B.O.D.Y. - そして、それから_work in progress (2015/2017), escaping the memory - mother (2010–2014), in DAS show, Amsterdam International Art Fair , BEURS VAN BERLAGE, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 25. - 26. August 2017

B.O.D.Y. - そして、それから_work in progress (2015/2017), studio show, in Projektraum, Am Flutgraben e.V., Berlin 5. - 13. August 2017 (Vernissage: 4. August 2017)