B.O.D.Y. / 2012–2014

photography/video/sound/mixed-media/spatial installation/performance

Photo 1 : B.O.D.Y. - self portrait #01 (2012)

Photo 2 : B.O.D.Y. - self portrait #02 (2012)

Photo 3 : B.O.D.Y. - "trace" - performance, the exhibition opening "imaginarium III" in the Galerie Wedding, 15 June 2012, Berlin


"B.O.D.Y.- self-portrait" (2012), the GEDOK-Galeire Opening Exhibition, GEDOK-Galerie, Berlin Vernissage 5/6 January–10 February 2013

Video : B.O.D.Y. - "trace" - performance


-"B.O.D.Y." そして、それから - et ainsi de suite (2014), open studio_Studio-show l "(Rhizom)_10 days + 10 days plus X work in progress (Rhizom) ", Studio in the Aqua Carré Berlin, 20 May–8 June

-"B.O.D.Y." そして、それから - et ainsi de suite (2014), open studio_Studio-show ll "Rhizom", Studio in the Aqua Carré Berlin, 26 September–8 October


Image: "B.O.D.Y." – hidden codes 2012, Photography (series)–self portraiture #01

Dimension: 50 x 70 cm

Technique: Photography C-print, mounted on aludibond, behind plexiglass

(Photography series; each image 1/3 Edition, 2012)

(This Photography series is digital Photography)



The project “B.O.D.Y. – hidden codes” was developed from a preceding project “B.O.D.Y.” (1989 through 2010) and is not yet concluded. The first part of the work I conceived and exhibited in a private apartment (or semi-public space) in Venice in 2011. I coded biological symbols such as breathing, heartbeat, voices and others in five sounds, the Sino-Japanese character „心(heart)“ and the characters for the word „hear/ear“ as well as Photographs of a doubled body are on the wall, creating a poetic space around the themes of body and time. These works are to be exhibited in a private apartment in which someone lives – it should be private and an inhabited space.


Further works from “B.O.D.Y. – hidden codes” comprise the optical and acoustic realms of the theme “body – presence and absence in present day society”. I will conceive the spatial setting of the new works from “B.O.D.Y. – hidden codes” (2012) as a common room to be transformed into an exhibition space. With the works I seek to create a private space of the mutual and of sharing in a public space.


„Realism is relative, determined by the system of representation standard for a given culture or person at a given time“ – Nelson Goodman


Social and cognitive effects of the project B.O.D.Y. – hidden codes (2012–) (photography/video/sound/mixed-media/spatial installation/performance) comprise the themes of body as well as identity, aesthetic experience, coding and decoding as well as gender in the practical application that is implemented with ethnographical aspects in a social space as a common room in a public sphere or semi-public space of exhibition.




Series "B.O.D.Y." – hidden codes 2010–2013

Technique: Photography, Mixed Media

Dimension: 43 x 53 cm


This series work "B.O.D.Y." – hidden codes 2011–2013 remake of my photography series-self portraiture (1993–1995), Berlin which work related with my drawing "nightmare/alptraum" (1990/91)

(Those Photography/Mixed Media Works are analog Photography)




4ch-Video “B.O.D.Y. – piece of glass “ (2012-2013)

I began work on this short video by recording the meanings of such seemingly neutral places such as a railway station then creating a montage of the pictures. Thus I was able to symbolize the overlapping images of the system of the architectures and and body parts circulation in the rhythm of everyday life. Goals and events are an important component of life, giving it richness and meaning.

The sound B.O.D.Y. – „Piece of glass“ (2012) by Niklas Schmincke and Erika Matsunami is a tonal composition that uses the sounds created by bits of broken glass. The part is the whole.



the sound system in cooperation with Niklas Schmincke in 2013


Sound B.O.D.Y. – piece of glass:




Exhibition: 2013

"B.O.D.Y." - tsuki o shita(f)u, (- hidden codes) 2013, the Exhibition Werkschau Erika Matsunami and Michael Najjar by das foto image factory in Berlin, 30.10.2013 – 31.1.2014, the opening 29.10.2013

- "B.O.D.Y." - hidden codes (1993/2013), the Exhibition BILDER DENKEN - "Die Kunst gibt nicht das Sichtbare wieder, sondern macht sichtbar" Paul Klee, curated by Dr. Anne Meckel at the GEDOK-Galerie, Berlin, 31. May – 25. July 2013

– hidden codes (2012) - self portraiture #02, GEDOK-Galeire Opening Exhibition "Gesichter der GEDOK" at the GEDOK Galerie, Berlin Vernissage 5/6 January–10 February 2013