B.O.D.Y. / 2009–2013

photography/video/sound/mixed-media/spatial installation/performance

Photo 1 : B.O.D.Y. hidden codes 2011 -

Photo 2- 10 : solo Exhibition B.O.D.Y. hidden codes in venice, 2011 (Photo 4 - 10 photographed by Ettore Bellini)

Photo 11: B.O.D.Y. - hidden codes, self portrait 1993, s/w-Film, self-timer, double exposure, mixed media (nails and red thread)
Photo 12 - 13: B.O.D.Y. II 2010/2011 (draft for a part of the mixed media installation)
Photo 14 - 18: B.O.D.Y.- Performance at the Frauenmuseum Bonn (Womenmuseum Bonn), 15.5.2011.Photo 18 photographed by Jürgen Reggentin
Photo 19 - 21: Video image from a video "SPACE IS STRUCTURATION OF BODIES IN TIME“ and a draft of the installation

Photo 22: B.O.D.Y. - hidden codes (1993/2013); IDEA-Prefiguration, Mixed Media (pins, threads), the Exhibition BILDER DENKEN at the Galerie GEDOK Berlin, Berlin, 2013

Press Release "B.O.D.Y., Erika Matsunami" on the exhibition B.O.D.Y. - hidden codes and trace by Natasha Bordiglia, Venice, Italy, 2011




"B.O.D.Y." - tsuki o shita(f)u, (- hidden codes), the Exhibition Erika Matsunami l Michael Najjar by das foto image factory in Berlin, 30.10.2013 – 31.1.2014, the opening 29.10.2013

"B.O.D.Y." - hidden codes (1993/2013), the Exhibition BILDER DENKEN - "Die Kunst gibt nicht das Sichtbare wieder, sondern macht sichtbar" Paul Klee, GEDOK-Galerie, Berlin, 31. May – 25. July



-   "B.O.D.Y." - the Exhibition imaginarium III, curated by Africa Rodriguez Arias, Spain and the curator of the Galerie Wedding Dr. Katia David at the Galerie Wedding, 15 June - 11 Augst 2012


-   „B.O.D.Y.“ -hidden codes (1990-/2000-2011) - solo exhibition organized by Natasha Bordiglia, Diip - L’Associazione culturale Diip, living room (a representative project) at a private flat in Cannaregio, Venice, Italy, 7 September - 22 October 2011 (www.diip.altervista.org)



-   performance "B.O.D.Y." - trace, Erika Matsunami, Piano by Martin Schneuing (composition piece: "saitwärts" / "unterwärts" by Martin Daske "Zum Sterben bin ich ..." /"Dein purpuroter Mund ..." (Klaviersupplements aus "Untreue Duette" von Samuel Tramin), the Exhibition Opening of "imaginarium III" curated by Africa Rodriguez Arias and Dr. Katia David at the Galerie Wedding, 15 June 2012


-   performance „B.O.D.Y.” - Minotauros, the Exhibition "Sophia" - GEDOK Bonn programme, curated by Julitta Franke and Marianne Pitzen at Frauenmuseum Bonn (Womenmuseum Bonn), 15.5. 2011, Bonn
-   Performance „B.O.D.Y.” at the Kunstraum Bethanien in Berlin within the scope of the exhibition GEDOK Berlin 1960-2010 Positionen der Gegenwart 8.9–28.11.2010, on 22 October 2010, curated by Dr Birgit Möckel.





piece of glass, Kurzstrecke 7- (Ursendung/first broadcast performance) Feature, Hörspiel/audio drama, Klangkunst/sound art, Zusammenstellung/curating program: Barbara Gerland, Ingo Kottkamp, Marcus Gammel Produktion: Autorenproduktion/DKultur 2012 Länge/length: 54", Deutschlandradio Kultur, 29. October und 16. November 2012


4ch- video “B.O.D.Y. – piece of glass “ (2012-2013)


I began work on this short video by recording the meanings of such seemingly neutral places such as a railway station then creating a montage of the pictures. Thus I was able to symbolize the overlapping images of the system of the architectures and and body parts circulation in the rhythm of everyday life. Goals and events are an important component of life, giving it richness and meaning.

The sound B.O.D.Y.-„Piece of glass“ (2012) by Niklas Schmincke and Erika Matsunami is a tonal composition that uses the sounds created by bits of broken glass. The part is the whole.


(Remake in 2014, because of a burglary in the studio.)

B.O.D.Y. II 2010/2011 - wall and floor-mounted mixed meida installation Technique : Photography, Mixed Media, (poss.) Sound, 2011, 120 cm w x 200 cm h x 100 cm d, (poss.) Sounds -1 MP3 player + 1 binaural headphones

“B.O.D.Y.” – "SPACE IS STRUCTURATION OF BODIES IN TIME“ #01 and #02: Video performance/mixed media installation in cooperation with Martina Nitz/Theater Thikwa in Berlin, 2009.


B.O.D.Y. - hidden codes (1993/2011) #01, Venioe, Italy in 2011, special Editions B.O.D.Y. - hidden codes (1993/2011) and (1993-95/2012), private collection (Dr. J.W)