Artist Statement (under constraction)  

Since 2013 I have been concentrating more and more on artistic research / artistic research as well as current knowledge from the transdisciplinary approach (cross-discipline approach). In ongoing projects, I deal with a philosophical topic of aesthetics theoretically and practically in terms of artistic methods and techniques and which topic is related to cognitive science, psychology and neuroscience, especially in neuroscience in terms of biology and transdisciplinarity various disciplines is explored, for example, the topic "pain" in the project, such as the project "B.O.D.Y. - そ し て, そ れか ら work _work in progress (2016-2018)".

In the written component, various theories of art and science are considered as essential definitions of art in the context of art philosophy as well as (neo-) representation theory in art. This written component is reflected in the artistic results or conceived as an artistic project in the reflection of the social context. In the artistic phase, I develop my own approach in art theories, which combines with current science.

In my artistic work I implement autobiographical experiences such as motifs and subjects into an artistic context, in which I encounter in my social environment and create the projects using the media of photography, video, sound, mixed media, performance (as well as live art) and (spatial-) installation on a visual and/or auditory level.

Examples of current work are the project "B.O.D.Y. - そ し て, そ れ か ら (201 –-) work in progress", the sound „B.O.D.Y. - piece of glass" (re-version of 2013 – 2014), the sound „B.O.D.Y. - two lines" (2016 –) and the project "N.N - Zwischenliegend (2015 –) ".

The field of my artistic research is in visual and sound arts, thus I primarily work with the site-specific installation. Auditory work in the installation is a kind of secondary space and time which is not synchronized. That is probably topological manifold toward visual space.


Sound research:

"Nature, according to Aristotle, is an inner principle of change and being at rest" (Physics 2.1, 192b20-23) (quote: Aristotle's Natural Philosophy First published Fri May 26, 2006; substantive revision Mon Jan 8, 2018). The topic "Nature" is the starting point of my sound research, since I work on the project "deflection" and the following project "transformation". I still learn and discover through sound what "nature" is. My field of research is interdisciplinary, involving both physics, neuroscience and psychology as well as insights into auditory and visual perception and memory in cognitive neuroscience. An example of my sound work are the sound sketches from the silent/silent project on the subject of "auditory memory" from my childhood, in which sounds are musically translated and a computer program with new technology and sound synthesis offers a broad sound spectrum and variations or new ones Possibilities of implementation. Current research focuses on the topics "Possibility of experimentation in / between electroacoustic music and other arts, after the digital revolution" (EMS18 - 14th Conference).


Works until 2013:

In my visual and audio works as well as in my mixed media spatial installations sensual perception – seeing and hearing, but also the touch of the material – is an important part of the means of expression.

Examples of my work include the projects “still/silent” (2007 –) and “B.O.D.Y.” (2000 –). “still/silent” (2007 – 2011) was conceived in collaboration with the composer and pianist Antonis Anissegos (up to 2009) and the sound engineer Niklas Schmincke and was continued in 2010 onward with the Jazz composer and bassist Chris Dahlgren. Within the project entitled B.O.D.Y. (2010) in collaboration with the sound engineer Niklas Schmincke there is a wall installation that consists of sounds (sound compositions) and photographies of skin and body parts. The sound is audible as a synthesized rhythm of the body via headphones, which intensifies the auditive impression and connects it to the optical perception of the piece. In the Project "B.O.D.Y." knowingly and willingly I've been dealing with the subject "time, space and body" since 2000 for the long term.


An important part of my work is “uniqueness” insofar as a each time is once – in my performances as well as in the live art of location specific installations – for every encounter with a space or location is a unique event that arises from the divers possibilities of the elements such that a new perpective on the works and the context in which they stand is created/presented themselvs.


With my audiovisual works I challenge the norms of photography, of video or film respectively and of sound; I use these media in my performances as well as in my live art and connect them in mixed media spatial installations. The photographies and drawings on super-8-film are digitally finished to create an experimental video. By using a kinetic language I create abstract moving images and thus point to the half forgotten often unnoticed interspaces in my environment.


The core of the spatial installation is the artistic ordering of the imaginary and the symbolic, this order is created by the context of the project and the artistic arrangement of the material and the sounds and audio phenomena in the respective space. Photography also plays a very important role for me and in my works, I often examine the method formalism and deal with semi-formalism.


According to Nelson Goodman’s thesis, the aim and purpose of art and science is the same: cognisance, i.e. insight as the (selecting, sorting, construing) organisation of knowledge. In this sense, the essence of science and art is equally “cognitive”, its quality “cognitive excellence”. (Franz Koppe: Kunst als entäußerte Weise, die Welt zu sehen. Zu Nelson Goodman und Arthur C. Danto in weitergehender Absicht. In: Franz Koppe (Ed.) Perspektiven der Kunstphilosophie. Texte und Diskussionen; Frankfurt am Main, 2nd edition, 1993.)


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