Performance, Artist Talk (Lecture) 2000– (select)







Talks and Discussions "on Egoism", Artemis Chrysostamidou and Erika Matsunami, curated by Harm Lux, Flux I bell sTRUcTURs, e.V. Berlin, January 16. 2024


B.O.D.Y. - the second skin, Conference/Meeting on Artistic Research #APRAN 2023 The Matter of Art (The Asia Pacific Artistic Research Network (APARN) is a new initiative from the Centre of Visual Art, University of Melbourne and the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta), Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 7th July, 2023


Performance in the installation Untitled I: a.o.i. - lasting memories with Chris Dahlgren (artist collective oio) and ERika Matsunami (artist collective oio), in Berlin, February 2023 (It is postponed.)



The end of Corona Pandemic worldwide, since October 2022


Artistic research

Artistic Research: Silence surrounds us, silence around us – on creativity in communication for Green x (2022 –)


Project (Pre-Production)


Art project/Production "a.o.i. - lasting memories” with a German cellist Kirscha Weber in the program of the artist in residence at Hyrsylän-koulu, Finland January 2022, Due to the corona pandemic will be frozen.

The first version of the notation and sound composition "a.o.i. - lasting memories” will be finished by the end of January. (For digital release in the year 2022)



Artistic research

Project (Pre-Production)


Artistic research

Project (Pre-Production)

(Corona Pandemic, Lockdown, Corona-crisis)



Release/Veröffentlichung (Label/Distribution: MusicHub/GEMA (Amazon Music, Spotify, Napster, Apple Music/iTunes, Deezer)


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Artistic research

Project (Pre-Production)

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The Co-Creation Lab (initiative in Arts&Science), Anilla Cultural, Europe -Latin America Cultural Ring, 2020 (Postponded), online panel discussion, 4th September, 2020 (Postponded)


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(The postponement of the date (Cancel, Postponed), due to coronavirus pandemic and corona-crisis.)

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Artistic research in the doctral context



N.N-Zwischenliegend - a progressive investigation into errors / eine fortlaufende Untersuchung zu Fehlern, the 10th International Conference on Artistic Research 2019, the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) and the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Zurich, Switzerland, 21 - 23, and 24 March, 2019



Possibility of experimentation in/between electro-acoustic music and other arts, after the digital revolution,

EMS18 (Electroacoustic Music Studies Network) - 14th Conference, Electroacoustic Music: Is it Still a Form of Experimental Music?, Villa Finaly, Florence, Italy, 20 – 23 June


(Offline due to sickness until the beginning of May in Japan)



(Offline due to medical examination and treatment at the University clinic in Berlin Germany and due to sickness in Japan)



Lecture "Dis/ability and thier possibility in the dance performance", the 45th world congress on Dance Research "Object and Dance", CID/UNESCO, Warsaw, Poland, 21st–25th September

Lecture and demonstration: solo Dance-Theater Piece "Kurokami (黒髪)" (old Versio, Choreography : Unknow)- Japanese Traditional Dance-Theater, the 44th world congress on Dance research, CID/UNESCO, Athens, Greece, 29. June – 3. July



Art Lab-private salon: Performance, Photography, Film, Talks at the main studio, Actors Space in Aqua Carré Berlin, 12 December

Symposium Der innere Ton und der äußere Lärm, Einstellungsraum e.V. , "Sound and Body - Zwischen auditiver Fiktion und der Körperrealität" - B.O.D.Y. , Hamburg, 10. July

private Salon "Draw_ing"-contemplation for the contemporary drawing #01-Open Studio (Julián Brandgold / Erika Matsunami / Eeva Rönkä), Aqua Carré Berlin at the Studio, Berlin, 11. June


„point in time - 時点、今を確認する“– we substantiate this moment, Artist talk and presentation

Part 3: Untitled - semiotics as personal code

time is not linear and continual dot..., 19 November, 2013, at the berlinerpool office (in the program of member's meeting), Berlin

„point in time - 時点、今を確認する“– we substantiate this moment, Artist talk and presentation

Part 2: performative - open system

time is not linear and continual dot..., 10 August, 2013, at an artist studio in Aqua Carré Berlin, Berlin

„point in time - 時点、今を確認する“– we substantiate this moment, Artist talk and presentation

Part 1: IDEA - Prefiguration

time is not linear and continual dot..., 10 May, 2013, at an studio in Aqua Carré Berlin, Berlin

"point in time" – time is not linear and continual dot... is an artistic reserach by Erika Matsunami and the search in association with berlinerpool e.V. in 2013



Performance (HANAYAGI Masatoyo, HANAYAGI Kagakyo, HANAYAGI Hosenyu (Erika Matsunami)) with the lecture in an open dialogue "Exchange"– intercultural encounter and transposition (Lecture: Evelyn Einholz, Erika Matsunami. Talk: German-Japanese translator: Jerome Mermod. Report: Andrea Gabrin. ), the traditional japanese Dance-Theater in the global view in collaboration with the Mime Centrum Berlin, ITI Germany and Hnayagi-Kai (Branch Chugoku-Hiroshima) at the Studio2, Kunstquartier Bethanien – Center for Contemporary Arts in Berlin, 4 September 2012

B.O.D.Y. - "trace" - performance, Erika Matsunami, Piano by Martin Schneuing (composition piece: "saitwärts" / "unterwärts" by Martin Daske "Zum Sterben bin ich ..." /"Dein purpuroter Mund ..." (Klaviersupplements aus "Untreue Duette" von Samuel Tramin), the Exhibition Opening of "imaginarium III", curated by Africa Rodriguez Arias, Spain and the curator of the Galerie Wedding Dr. Katia David at the Galerie Wedding, 15 June 2012

"topo topo" (for you) - performance for the Children - Benefit Event of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami "FREIER BERLIN-JAPAN TAG" of Elsa Triquet Rey at the Freies Museum Berlin, 11. March 2012



catalogue „still/silent “, contains a DVD with audio-visual works and videos of the performances (2007-2010), Revolver Publishing by VVV, 2011 (ISBN: 978-3-86895-194-3), the catalogue presentation (with a performance in the spatial installation and a lecture of Dr. Susanne Hauser) - Revolver Publishing by VVV, curated by the head of the Galerie Ralf Bartholomäus at the galerie weisser elefant, 14. November, Berlin
Performance in der Installation “re/cycle – I am also there” – creative hearing, seeing and feeling - performance "Untitled" by Erika Matsunami and a Sound Performance by Daisuke Ishida in the gallery M in Berlin-Marzahn, 15. August, Berlin

„Artists talk/lecture – trans-Art“ with Dr. Susanne Hauser/Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) – in the Galerei M, Berlin-Marzahn, curated by Karin Scheel, 6 July 2011
performance „B.O.D.Y.“ - Minotauros in the program of the Exhibition "Wo ist Sophia? Die Weisheit des Lebens" - GEDOK Bonn, curated by Julitta Franke and Marianne Pitzen at Frauenmuseum Bonn (Womenmuseum Bonn), 15. May, Bonn


„B.O.D.Y.“ – Reading and sound performance – Experimentelle LEBENS-RÄUME“ in cooperation with Ulrike Prasse within the scope of the Exhibition GEDOK Berlin 1960-2010 Positionen der Gegenwart (GEDOK Berlin 1960-2010 Positions of today), 22.10 - 28.11.2010 at the Kunstraum Bethanien, "Positionen 50 Jahre GEDOK Berlin" (positions 50 years GEDOK Berlin), curated by Dr. Birgit Möckel, 22.10 at the Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin
Audiovisual Performance in the Installation "still/silent" with the composer, instrumentalist and performer Chris Dahlgren (OIO Expand), the Program OSTRALE.xtra in the Exhibition "Ostrale'010" - Internationale Ausstellung zeitgenössischer Künste (International Exhibition contemporary arts) 27.8. - 19.9. 2010, at the Ostrale-Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst (Center for contemporary art), 10.9 in Dresden
I„sans plus (2010)" - Audiovisual Performance in the spatial installation, Erika Matsunami and Chris Dahlgren in the program of the Exhibition "East Beast" at the Ostrale - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst (Center for contemporary art), Dresden, 19. June
Live Electronics - Performance „Get together“ by Andrea Hilger in the audiovisual Installation with Teresa Hakel, Nicole Meier, Matthias Rethberg, Manuelea Weiß, OSTRALE Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst (Center for contemporary art) in Dresden, ITB, Berlin, Germany, 11. March

Audiovisual Performance in the temporary Installation and workshop „still/silent“ by OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami), as part of the Festival “Experimental Video & Film EXIS 2009“ programme, curated by Gye-joong Kim at Seoul Art Cinema, Indie Space and Samillo Chango Theater and at the workshop at Seokang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 10. – 16. September
Audiovisual Performance in the temporary Installation „still/silent“ by OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami) at the Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, curated by Natasha Bordiglia, Venice, Italy, 29. – 30. August


"still/silent" by OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami), as part of the exhibition/performance “Luso-Phonia and Et Sona Poblenou?“ programme, curated by Catarina Simão and Pedro Soler at Hangar/ Espai Niu, Barcelona, Spain
Performative Installation „o.T“ and Artist Talks, art spece tetra, Fukuoka, Japan
Audiovisual Performance OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami) - 400m underwater, "arts and conversation", a project curated by Katerina Valdivia Bruch, "NEW LIFE BERLIN", at the Gallery wooloo, Berlin, Germany
Audiovisual Performance OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami)"still/silent - ein verborgenes Museum", Exhibition "four artists from four countries" GEDOK-Berlin at the Verborgene Museum, Berlin, Germany, Vernissage 7 May, Exhibition 8 May –8 June 2008
Audiovisual concert „session“ by OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami) at the neue Kirche, Peter Kowald Gesellschaft/Ort, Wuppertal, Germany

Audiovisual Installation/Performance OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami)„still/silent“, "arts and conversation“ by Katerina Valdivia Bruch, Kunsthaus Glogauer/GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany
Audiovisual concert OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami) „session“ at the b-flat, Berlin, Germany
Project „trans+“, Audiovisual concert in the Installation “O” by OIO (Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami in collaboration with Japanese Artist Kyota Takahashi, Koyoto), Ballhaus Naunynstr, Berlin. OIO is a performance collective for the improvisation - meet in play, estab. by Antonis Anissegos&Erika Matsunami, December 2006, Berlin, Germany


scholarship presentation: Videoinstallation and Videoperformance „transformation#1 und #2“, Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, Germany, November

A performance (improvisation), Butoh: Yuko Kaseki. Piano: Antonis Anissegos. Video and live mixing (video work: from the version "deflection" by Erika Matsunami): Erika Matsunami, with the Direction/Organizing of Antonis Anissegos, Stralau 68, Berlin.
Dance-video performance “sans plus” by Erika Matsunami, Direction of Butoh: Marc Ates and Butoh: Yuko Kaseki (cokaseki - Butoh group by Yuko Kaseki&Marc Ates), Video: Erika Matsunami. Piano: Antonis Anissegos, organised by cokaseki (a butoh group in Berlin by Yuko Kaseki&Marc Ates) with the Künstlerhaus Lukas (Luke artists’ centre), Ahrenshoop, Germany, January


Performance with videofilm: “deflection” - a improvised performance, Butoh: Yuko Kaseki. Accordion: Antonis Anissegos. Video and live mixing: Erika Matsunami, with the Direction/Organizing of Antonis Anissegos, Festival Exiles, Berlin, December
Performing Arts Project: “rasenjo no jikan – deflection”, performance in the temporary audiovisual installation (with Videofilm "deflection") in collaboration with Antonis Anissegos (Audio Engineer: Niklas Schmincke), curated and produced by Mayumi Yamamoto at the Kyoto Art Centre, within the framework of the program “2005 EU-Japan Year of People-to-People Exchanges”, Japan, March (Music and Performance: Antonis Anissegos, Video and Performance: Erika Matsunami, Installation: Erika Matsunami)

2 channel Videoinstallation (concept, choreography and staging for the video) for the Theater play “Sehnsucht 420 – Don Giovanni” (Desire 420 – Don Giovanni), Thikwà Theatre, Berlin. Director: Astrid Vehstedt, Piano: Antonis Anissegos, choreography, scenography and mise-en-scène for the 2-ch Video Installation: Erika Matsunami,Tanzfabrik and Tacheles, Berlin, Germany

Theater play “Ohne Titel 4 – Odyssee” (Untitled 4 – Odyssey), Theatre Thikwá. Director: Carsten Ludwig; movement/choreography, sounds for the choreography: Erika Matsunami. Sophinsaelen, Berlin, Germany

Performance with Dia-projection „Sensation of Motion in Time #2” in the program of the Exhibition „Der (im-)perfekte Mensch”, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, Germany

Performance with video installation “Sensation of Motion in Time” in the program of the Exhibition “touch” at the Künstlerbahnhof Westend, Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany
Performance with video and installation: “Labyrinth 3” for the Berlin’s cultural festival “48 Stunden Neukölln” at Pumpwerk, Berlin, Germany