Sensation of Motion in Time / 2000–2003

Performance with the Videoinstallation (text)
  Image1-3: Photograph by Christa Zauner
  Image 4-6: still images, videoinstallation "Sensation of Motion in Time"




This piece, “Sensation of Motion in Time“ is a Dance/Movement Performance. This performance should take place in a public place, a place, where one goes or passes by, a place with clear division of space, regulation of time and movement, for example, a train station, a theater, a shopping center or a museum. Three performers will participate. The plot/action of this piece is not fixed, rather structured solely through a basic choreography and production. The tension emerges between the place (space), the audience (seeing) and the performers (being seen). Improvisation will take place within this field of tension. We have conceptualized this piece as performance in the tradition of Happenings. This piece is a thematic analysis of the theme “Space, Time and Body”.

Space, public space, is a functionally organized and structured field, in which bodies are positioned and organized. Space, in this performance, means that the performers use this open space to create a second space, in which the functional and structured character of this public space is broken through and thereby a ritual space is created. Consequently, in this newly created space the relationship between physicality and locality becomes visible, thematic and negotiable.

Time is, in everyday life, equated with linear chronological time, the industrial (production) tempo. People are subordinated to this regime of time; they have to accommodate themselves to this regime. Time in the context of this piece means that we are attempting to create a time, which corresponds to our distinctiveness. We are trying to determine time (tempo) through the explicit physicality of the performers, it comes about through the breath or heartbeat as sound and a rhythm of the body. The linearity of time is broken open and experienced as cyclical.

Bodies are socially regulated through fashion, advertisement, diets and health, based on an imaginary, perfect body. Body means for us, that no perfect body exists, rather that every body in its particularity can subsequently create an individual aesthetic. A movement of the body can not be separated from feelings and thoughts. We follow the sensibilities of our bodies, their rhythms and sounds and express this through movement in the newly created space. The body asks for possibility, liveliness, gender and aesthetic.

During the performance a video will be projected on a screen. The film shows the movements and the expressiveness of the body between two performers. The film takes up the thematic of space, time and body and treats it through the specific medium of video art. In this way, a redoubling takes place: bodies are at once real “Subjects/Objects” in space and images, as in a moment captured in a (camera) glance. The body as image and as real body mirror each other in space, it becomes observed and observer.

"Sensation of Motion in Time" (2000)–performance with theVideoinstallation as a part of the collective Exhibition “touch-Zeit, Raum, Körper" by the women's artist collective EIGENART (Berlin-Vienna) at Künstlerbahnhof Westend (Karl-Hofer Gesellschaft, UdK Berlin), Berlin, 2000

Performance: Martina Nitz, Tim Petersen, Erika Matsunam; In collaboration with Theater Thikwa, Berlin

Music for this Performance at Künstlerbahnhof Westend (Karl-Hofer Gesellschaft), Berlin: "New york counterpoint (Fast and Slow)" and "Eight Lines (Octet), Four Organs" (excerpt)–the composition by Steve Reich and additionally the environmental noise of the space

Videoinstallation: Erika Matsunami (Editing with Avid: Erika Matsunami)

Sound of this videoinstallation: beating of the heart

Concept/Choreography: Erika Matsunami

(site-specific work)



Sensation of Motion in Time (2000)

· Performance with Videoinstallation as a part of the Exhibition “touch-Zeit, Raum, Körper“
  at Künstlerbahnhof Westend (Karl-Hofer Gesellschaft), Berlin, 2000
· 4th Disability Film Festival (LDAF), National Film Theatre, London, 2001
· Disability Filmfestival (Kynnyskino), Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, 2003

FBI/British Film Institute-Archive:

Video and Performance (compilation): Sensation of Motion in Time (2000)

Sensation of Motion in Time #2 (2003)

· Performance with the Dia projection (body landscape) in the Film Programme of the Exhibition „Der (im-)perfekte Mensch“ at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, 2003

Performance: Claudia Pfeifruck, Tim Petersen, Erika Matsunami (live Dia projection body landscape), Photography: Erika Matsunami; In collaboration with Theater Thikwa, Berlin

Music for this performance: Music of Guqin/Kokin by Wu Fang

Concept/Choreography: Erika Matsunami

Publication: In: Kuppers, Petra. Disability and Contemporary Performance: Bodies on Edge. Routledge Academic Press, New York/London, 2003.