Deflection / 2005

Performance in the temporary audiovisual installation

“Rasenjo no jikan - deflection”

This body of work was conceived as a series. The first series “rasenjou no jikan –deflection” was performed in April 2005 at the Kyoto Art Centre in Japan. “Rasenjou no jikan” means that “time” is not perceived linearly, but instead, as a circulation of transience, deflection, repetition, eternity, and retrospection. The “rasenjou no jikan –deflection” project is not a self-contained piece of work. It changes depending on the place, time, and people. Every series is conceived with different themes and, thus, is further developed.

In “rasenjou no jikan – deflection” a finished video (60 min) serves as a basis, and a piano and other instruments are complemented by a lively visual performance (of the body). The piece is conceived so that local participants can take part in the performance. Because the performance develops from this “team play” with people on location, the project’s mode of operation can be described as a “work in progress.”


at the Kyoto Art Centre, Kyoto, Japan 2005

Concept: Erika Matsunami, Antonis Anissegos
curated and produced by Mayumi Yamamoto, Kyoto Art Centre, Japan (two weeks residence, workshop and two days presentation April 23 and 24, 2005)
Whitin the framework of the programme “2005 EU-Japan Year of People-to-People Exchanges”, Japan, 2005





audiovisual installation:





rasenjo no jikan - deflection©Erika Matsunami and Antonis Anissegos / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany