Variations / 2020 –

Performance in the site-specific Installation / Multi-layered open score



Variation II:

Subjekt: Spontaneous


- Musik und Bildende Kunst Projekt a.o.i. -lasting memories

Partnerschaft mit dem Komponist,Forscher und Dirigent, Valerio Sannicandro, Paris, Frankreich

Joint artistic research "Variation II", 2021:


The working method is interactive in two different paths of artistic intention.

The common artistic subject thereby is envisions/envision(ing) at auditory and visual levels.

Cross-disciplinary, Transdisciplinary


Variation I:

Subjekt: Simultaneous


Partnerschaft mit dem Komponist und Sound artist Patrick Housen & dem Painist und artistic researcher Lukas Huisman, Gent, Belgium


Practical contribution in "variation I" in 2020:

"Corona" without Pianist for 4 ch discrete sound installation (2020), an invisible sense, "who is left to drift in the loneliness of remaining scent."




- On Klänge - Body, Time and Space

- Variations

- Variation II: Music project a.o.i. -lasting memories